Get to know us

We know the World

We are Portuguese but the world is our home. At Azevedo Ascenso, our lawyers know what it means to be a migrant. We have been in your shoes. From the USA to the Middle East, from Africa to Asia, we have experienced it all. Because of that we believe we have a better understanding of the World: of your world, your culture, your concerns.

We know Portugal

The managing partners of Azevedo Ascenso have more than 15 years of experience as lawyers in Portugal. But that is not what makes this law firm special.
Inês and João were part of the Portuguese Government and were involved in the law-making process of the current migration policy. But that is not what distinguishes Azevedo Ascenso.

It could be argued that it is our success rate that makes us unique, or the fact that our client’s satisfaction is our best marketing strategy. But again, this is a consequence and not a cause of our success.

At Azevedo Ascenso every client is unique and is treated as such. We don’t follow a one size fits all approach or replicate the same strategy over and over. Our clients are special and unique with their own life stories, preferences and goals, and all of that is integrated in our advice.

We believe that the law is meant to serve the people. Our success comes from always having the individual at the center of our action. That is what makes us special, that is what makes us different, that is why we succeed.



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