Luís Pedro Fernandes

In 2023, Luís joined the team at Azevedo, Ascenso & Associados. Being member of the Portuguese Bar Association since 2015, Luís has accrued a remarkable trajectory over the past decade, contributing to prominent fiscal teams within leading law firms. His legal practice revolves around the intricate realm of tax law, boasting a comprehensive background, notably in the private clients’ sector and real estate taxation.

Luís earned his academic stripes at the Faculty of Law at the University of Lisbon, culminating in the attainment of a Scientific Master’s degree with a specialization in Tax Law. Furthermore in recent years, he has undertaken intensive courses in several areas including Corporate Income Tax, Stamp Duty, and Cryptocurrency Taxation, further enriching his expertise.

Renowned for cultivating trusting relationships with clients, Luís is characterized by his commitment to addressing the challenges presented within the professional landscape. His professional success is intrinsically linked to his dedicated approach in understanding clients’ needs and offering robust and efficacious legal solutions.

Beyond the professional sphere, Luís possesses a fervent passion for gastronomy and oenology. Additionally, the pursuit of running resonates deeply with Luís, providing an outlet that inspires resilience and mental clarity in tackling the complexities of today’s world.


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